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William Silk

Beyond the Sea Bobby Darin Tribute Live Lyrics SILK

Bobby Darin "Beyond the Sea" popularized by BIOSHOCK - FINDING NEMO - Robbie Williams - Kevin Spacey

William Silk performs the 1959 Bobby Darin Classic "Beyond the Sea" Live accompanied by a fabulous big band of 18 singing Jazz musicians. Silk is really grateful to the band and the audience, for this opportunity to pay tribute to great entertainer Bobby Darin. Thanks everyone!

"Beyond the Sea" is originally a French song (chanson) "La Mer" from the 1930s written by and performed by the great French singer songwriter Charles Trenet.

Bobby D swung through France in the 1950s making a movie for Hollywood with Sandra Dee and this is no doubt where he first heard the song. Good old Darin took it in swing time and remade himself a classic hit that lives long, long after he has passed away. Bobby left us very young, in his mid 30s, during the 1970s. Had he lived a long life, we would be following him today, much like we did Sinatra in his later career - and Tony Bennett more recently. RIP Bobby - we miss you!

This arrangement stays pretty close to the original, so it will also be familiar to Disney fans of the movie "Finding Nemo", where it appeared as the soundtrack theme song at the end of that movie when the title credits roll, sung by Englishman Robbie Williams. RW is also a fan of swing, as was made apparent in his 2001 Royal Albert Hall Swing Tribute concert, where again he sang this classic song live in true Bobby Darin fashion. You could tell how he really loves this song in that performance.

I'd also like to give special mention too to Kevin Spacey, who pulled off the fabulous bio-pic of Bobby Darin's life, also called "Beyond the Sea" in 2005. Kevin did a great job of capturing much of magic of Bobby Darin's style and the spirit of the era of live entertainment, when it was live cabaret shows and Las Vegas live shows.

More recently, the Irish hit female vocal group Celtic Woman have come up with a very different version of "Beyond the Sea" that is closer to the original French version and mystical sounding too. Hats off to you ladies!

Oddly enough, this song has found another revival a few years ago with the computer game playing audience, courtesy of BioShock - many people will recognize this theme as the trailer music to the launch of that hit game.

Hang around to the end of the video, when Silk ad-libs a monologue in English, French and Japanese.

Since the audience and band are mostly made up of non-native English speakers, the lyrics have been added to the video to make it easier to follow.

Hope you enjoy it!


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