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William Silk
メトロポリス・マガジン Silk & 007 Bond in Metropolis Magazine Upfront

メトロポリス・マガジン Silk & 007 Bond in Metropolis Magazine Upfront

Upfront q&a 23 Jan 2009 Issue #774
By Chris Betros

Metropolis Magazine, Japan's No 1 English Magazine, has printed an an article about William Silk & SMILE CD. It is a brief article, but oh so sweetly positioned! Next to 007 BOND Daniel Craig (in matching Tux no less...!) And 007's face is on the magazine cover. Silk in good company indeed!

William Silk

Where are you from?
I was born in Dublin and brought up in the UK, mostly at boarding schools (much like Harry Potter) in Yorkshire and Devon.

What first brought you to Japan?
I first came to Japan in 1996 via the JET Program. I started doing live music around 2003 as a big-band singer at corporate black-tie balls, and as a lounge entertainer in high-class hotels.

Where do you like to sing?
I love the big stage, but I also like the intimacy of lounges and clubs, where you can look into the eyes of your audience, and really engage them on a one-to-one level. These days, I sing mainly at dinner shows at international hotels and live concerts at jazz clubs and halls.

Tell us about your debut CD.
It’s called Smile. We have breathed new life into timeless songs that resonate today, with the energy and spark of live performance, in whole takes. Uncut natural gems, mate! CB




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