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William Silk
残暑お見舞い申し上げます Summer Greetings

残暑お見舞い申し上げます Summer Greetings






Is it still hot and humid, but I hope you are well.

William Silk has had a number of successful events last month. Highlights include the 8-beat Big Band show that was packed out in Akasaka B-Flat, as well as the Urawa PARCO Big Band Mid-Summer’s Concert which had 500 guests attend. Jujo AMANE was a complete sell-out and Silk came away with the lasting impression of how welcoming the Jujo community is. Many thanks to all those who came to these events and also helped advertise them.

There some more fun events coming up too, of which Silk is excited to be asked to perform for the first time at the famous Ginza Swing City with Jazz veteran Jiro Inagaki. I look forward to seeing some of you there and enjoying your ongoing support.

Take care and look after yourself in these remaining days of summer.

Regards, William Silk

Silk Upcoming Appearances これからの出演

Silk Upcoming Appearances これからの出演

Aug 22 (Sat) Iruma City Busshi Café Shio
With Piano Duo 04-2932-4226

Aug 26 (Wed) Ginza Swing City
With Mio & Inagaki Jiro Quartet 03-3575-0419

Aug 28 (Fri) Ekoda Buddy
with Juggernaut Big Band 03 3953 1152

Sept 4 (Fri) Nagoya Sunny Side

With 5 Trombones 052-847-6177

Sep 6 (Sun) Mie Ken Yokkaichi City Salaam
With Big Band 059-326 7568

8月22日 土  入間市仏子 Café Shio
         ピアノデュオ 04-2932-4226
8月26日 水  銀座スイングシティ 
         MIO & 稲垣次郎カーテット 03-3575-0419
8月28日 金  江古田[バディー]  
         ジャガーノートビッグバンド 03 3953 1152
9月 4日 金  名古屋市天白区 Sunny Side
         5 トロンボーン  052-847-6177

9月 6日 日  三重県四日市市 サラーム 
         ビッグバンド  059-326 7568

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