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William Silk

Just the Way You Are Billy Joel (Short Cover) SilkyWilly

Based on the legend Billy Joel's perhaps most representative song, if that is not "Piano Man" or "NewYork State of Mind". Performed as a live Jazz trio by William Silk. This is just the last verse of the song, perhaps the most intimate part of the song with tender lyrics.

William Silk grew up listening to Billy Joel and he really likes his 70s albums, like Piano Man, Streelife Serenader, The Stranger, 52nd Street & Turnstiles. Long long long before William Silk was listening to Sinatra, he was listening to the genius of Billy Joel and trying to learn how to play and sing Billy Joel's songs.

Everyone has covered this romantic ballad song from Barry White to Diana Krall and even Frank Sinatra. Frank's arrangement is Silk's departure for this version. Although William Silk loves the quasi-latin feel of the keyboard arrangement of the original Joel song, he chose to take it swing, to help explore a new sound for this great love song.

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