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The Silk voice comes from the West of Ireland. Mother and Grandmother were both choir leaders in their parish in Galway.

William Silk was born in Dublin to Irish and English parents, and educated in Ireland, South Africa and UK. Africa was Silk’s first exposure to exotic cultures, people, African rhythm, and to Sun City. At boarding school in the UK, he was drawn to music and theatre, being selected at a precocious 12 to play the leading role in The Mikado. The stage-bug bit and Silk found his own skin, taking leading roles and major cameos in most school productions, while winning music competitions for piano. At 14, greatly saddened by the sudden death of mother, he escaped into music and drama, emerging years later as a graduate of Birmingham University with degree in English & Music, where his study of classical music taught him how music can express the light and the dark of the human soul.

Silk then set out to explore the World, first venturing to Nepal as a volunteer, reveling in the local culture and language, then all over Asia, Europe and US. Then when he first came to Japan in 1996, he remembers discovering karaoke as a social novelty.

In 1999, while working for a media company in London, Silk was persuaded to perform as the regular singer in the evenings at a high-class restaurant. While a media career took him out to Tokyo, he started develop the "Silk Voice" and hone his talent, until around 2003 when William Silk began to emerge nightly on the live music scene as an accomplished big-band singer at large corporate black-tie balls, or as a lounge entertainer and romantic crooner, warming nostalgic couples on anniversary dates in high-end luxury hotels.

Today, William Silk is Tokyo's consummate singing actor. He is a male vocalist with a personality that appeals internationally. He can jazz it up for the lads, get the whole room swinging, then bring it all down to one pin-spot with a moving ballad for a swoon from the girls. Fluent in Japanese, Silk is warmly welcomed by the Japanese people as someone who understands the "en" in a sense of occasion.

"The joy of being alive, here and now, and sharing this moment with you, that's all there is: that's life, that's live music."

William Silk

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