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William Silk

Heart and Soul - BEST DUET EVER Piano

Pure joy & delight of performing shows on the 8 year old boy's face: Fantastic impromptu father & son performance of the classic piano duet "Heart and Soul" at home.

Heart & Soul must have been one of the first pieces I could ever play on the piano. And certainly the first duet I ever learnt. But what I learnt back then was nothing to what I caught on camera ay my buddy's house, last week. The harmony and the scale of arrangement, blew me away. But what finally clinched it for me was seeing how much fun junior was having playing with Dad. Wow! just spontaneous!

Fellow performers see this and smile - THAT is why we do what we do. We just love to perform for you folks. It gives us a thrill, just like you can see in this little guy.

There are lots of famous versions of "Heart and Soul" in the movies. Take the movie Stuart Little for instance, when the mother (Geena Davis) & father (Hugh Laurie) play a piano duet - cheesy and corny! Then there is the cute moment in the Tom Hanks 1988 Movie "Big" when Hanks's kid at heart finds a giant step keyboard and starts playing / dancing Heart and Soul on his feet. Priceless - in a gimmicky kind of way.

There are also lots of "How to" YouTube videos showing just hands playing a piano and HOW TO PLAY Heart and Soul and chopsticks. Boring!

But the spontaneity of this performance makes this one is my favourite - make it your favorite too!


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