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William Silk

William Silk @ Park Tower Prince Hotel

William Silk & Capri Trio
Park Tower Prince Hotel Melody Line (Jazz Lounge)
Prince Park Tower Hotel is the new flagship Prince luxury hotel opened up next to Tokyo Tower. (Splendid night view)
Address: Minato Ward Shiba-Koen 4-8-1
Melody Line reservations 03 5400 1153
Wednesday 4th July 2007 (American Independence Day)
Wednesday, 25th July 2007
Opening Hours: 7pm-11:30pm
3 stages: 8pm & 9:15pm & 10:30pm
Charge: 2000 yen + drinks

Location Map

William Silk Website launch!

William Silk Website launch!

The William Silk Website is up!

At last there is a small quadrant in the virtual firmament that William Silk can call home from which he can reach out and welcome many fans & friends from various parts of Japan and the World.

The website is a place to find out more about William Silk, his past profile and what drives him to perform. The events section will be updated regularly so that fans can easily come and find the next event where William SIlk will appear. Fans can also see a glimpse of William performing in the video & the photo gallery. Fans are welcome to make contact with William on-line and sign-up online for this free newsletter.

Initially the website is in English but we will be adding Japanese very shortly. Please keep an eye out for it!

William Silk would like to extend his personal gratitude to the team at who have designed the site and made it so cool, clean and user-friendly.

"Now I really can say it - Ladies and Gentlemen, WATCH THIS SPACE!!" - William Silk

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